Our Patriot Ancestors

How proud we are knowing that our beloved ancestors supported the efforts to make the United States of America a reality. Below are our members' honored patriots.


Ezra Holcomb, Private, Connecticut
John Langworthy, Officer/Drummer, Connecticut


William Fleming, Patriotic Service, Delaware


William Pike, Soldier, Maryland


Jonas Barrett, Lieutenant, Massachusetts
Ebenezer Putnam, Minuteman/Private, Massachusetts
Jonathan Thrasher, Private, Massachusetts
Isaac Whiting, Private, Massachusetts
Judah Wood, Lieutenant, Massachusetts

 New Hampshire

Samuel Sheldon, Patriotic Service, New Hampshire

 New Jersey

Abraham Haring, Captain, New Jersey
Nathaniel Hayden, Patriotic Service, New Jersey
Obadiah Higbee, Patriotic Service/Sergeant, New Jersey
Cornelius Ludlow, Colonel, New Jersey
James Mullins, Private, New Jersey
William Terhune, Private, New Jersey

 New York

William Horton, Private, New York
Robert Jeffery, Soldier, New York
John Kennelly, Drummer, New York
James Moore, Lieutenant, New York
Philip Pelton, Private, New York
Abner Tremain, Private, New York
Thomas Wisner, Lieutenant, New York

North Carolina

Benjamin Dumas, Patriotic Service, North Carolina
Thomas Jessup Jr., Patriotic Service, North Carolina
William Mallison, Private, North Carolina
Thomas Pledger, Soldier, North Carolina
Abraham Reese, Soldier, North Carolina


John Johannes Dietrich, Corporal, Pennsylvania
Robert Fitzrandolph, Private/Patriotic Service, Pennsylvannia
George Fleck, Private, Pennsylvania
John Gibson, Private, Pennsylvania
George Hoge, Private, Pennsylvania
William Lardner, Private, Pennsylvania
Caleb Leonard, Private, Pennsylvania
Hugh Rodman, Private, Pennsylvania
Michael Schober, Patriotic Service, Pennsylvania
Phillip Skelly, Patriotic Service, Pennsylvania
Mathias Weinrich Sr., Patriotic Service, Pennsylvania

South Carolina

William Brandon, Soldier, South Carolina
Michael Watson, Captain/Civil and Patriotic Service, South Carolina


Noel Battle, Private, Virginia
Abraham Bird, Colonel/Patriotic Service, Virginia
James Hatcher, Patriotic Service, Virginia
Isaac Nichols, Patriotic Service, Virginia
Thomas Parsons Jr., Private, Virginia
Robert Terrell, Sr., Patriotic Service, Virginia